Chidi Mokeme's son tackles

Popular Nollywood actor, Chidi Mokeme, has shared a video of the hilarious moment his son confronted him for giving him fake $100 bills.

The veteran actor, who lives in the United States, was relaxing in his backyard when his son approached him to express his displeasure with him for giving him fake dollars as a cash gift.

Chidi Mokeme's son tackles

Despite Chidi Mokeme’s efforts to refute his son’s claim that the money is a counterfeit, the young champ presented compelling evidence to support his claim.

According to his son, the money felt heavier than usual, was blue in color, and was strong and difficult to tear. He then tackled his father for thinking he is stupid and can’t tell right from wrong.

Chidi Mokeme's son tackles

“You really think I have a peanut brain.
You are trying to scam me”
, the actor’s son said in the video.

The 51-year-old actor, who feigned ignorance about the authenticity of the money, posted the video on Instagram and told his son to go to court, referring to President-elect Bola Tinubu’s order to Labour Party’s Peter Obi to contest the election result in court.

He captioned the video,


This One Wan Sabi Dollar$ Pass Me.
E No Know Wetin My Eye Don See
You Don Sabi Fake Dollars
Just like INEC fake BIVAS
Put The Blame On Yakubu
Cos For INEC Last Resort
Na Just To Find Your Way To Court.

E be like say I go auction this boy 😜

You think I have a peanut brain 🧠? 😂😂😅
No Vex My Son,
Them a call the youth dem lazy
Now they can’t stop the brain drain.”

Watch the clip below,

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