Biodun Okeowo lambastes

Popular Nollywood actress, Biodun Okeowo has called out a man who made an offensive comment about her daughter, Ifeoluwa.

The thespian had taken to her Instagram page to celebrate her daughter in a grand way as she turned 19 on March 13.

She posted beautiful photos and a video of the moment she pulled a surprise birthday package on her daughter.

Biodun Okeowo lambastes

The man, however, grabbed the opportunity to give his unsolicited opinion about Ifeoluwa. He said he hopes she would not go under the knife to enlarge her backside.

“Hope she wouldn’t do yansh soon”, the man commented.

This infuriated the curvaceous thespian who lambasted him for focusing on her daughter’s derriere. She labelled him a potential pedophile, and went further to share photos of his wife and daughter culled from his Instagram page.

Biodun added that she is done enduring vile comments from trolls because majority of them are insensitive, hence her decision to use the man as a scape goat.

She wrote,

“Please I won’t appreciate any sort of admonitions like “you have time o, just leave them” you need to develop a thick skin.
Yes I developed it, but it’s now tearing 😢!

My thick Skin Is Now Thin 😫!

Leaving them to constitute nuisance and hurt people freely hiding under keypads got us here today.
It’s now becoming so hard to curb trolls and bullies.
They have grown wings…

I strongly feel a campaign should start against social media trolls and bullies.

Imagine what this peodophile in making commented on a post I made for my daughter. (Who knows if he is one already)
Out of everything, the only thing his dirty mind went to is “Ya*sh*

See you carrying your own daughter.. how will you feel? If someone said such to you?
Celebrities are human too o! Let’s stop being insensitive, it’s totally unfair!

Olorun ma ko e Tunde!

Deleting soon but let me make you a scape goat…”

See her post below,

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