Famous Nollywood actor, Frederick Leonard has taken to social media to make a special vow to his wife, Peggy Ovire with a thank you note after a surprise birthday treat she organized for him.

The actor, who turned a year older a week ago,  took to his Instagram page to recount how his wife Peggy Ovire surprised him with a birthday celebration despite the fact that he had been away from home for months on end filming.

Her generous act astounded Frederick Leonard, who showed his thanks and respect for her.

He continued by saying that Peggy and several of their colleagues traveled for 48 hours to be with him at his filming location only to make him happy. The actor reiterated his love and gratitude for her and pledged to never take her for granted.

He wrote;

“I left Home Months Ago for work, Thought I could make it Back home in Good Time for my Birthday, but as Months Became weeks and weeks into days leading up to my Birthday, it Became clear that work Schedule would not allow for the Flight Back to Lagos, Wify Said.. I gat you.. The Lord is Blessing You, Focus on Work.

Longstory Short, Peggy Flew all the way, 48hrs to My Birthday and Pulled Off a Beautiful Suprise Birthday Dinner in a Town where she knows Almost No One. Such Suprise. Such Sacrifice..

Babe, I want You to know That I see You, I See The Sacrifice, I see The Effort. Your Love, I WILL NEVER TAKE FOR GRANTED. Thank You for Making My Birthday a Beautiful Experience, Even Away from Home.

I LOVE YOU MY FOREVER ❤️ @peggyovire.”

Reacting to the promise, Peggy Ovire appreciated her husband with an emotional outburst.

In her words;

“Awwwww I’m in tears. You deserve more baby & I’m so proud of you. Thank you for taking good care of me. God Will Never Stop Blessing you baby. I LOVE YOU 😘😘”

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