Popular Nollywood actress, Peggy Ovire, has shared the secret ingredient that made Actor, Fredrick Leonard marry her.

The newlywed bride shared this recipe with a fan who was interested in knowing how she got her man.

The female fan, identified as Amaka, revealed that she had been crushing on Fredrick for a while but now that is he married to Peggy she would have to move on.

She asked for guidance on how Peggy got the man of her dreams.

In her words,

“Even though you don carry my crush, no problem make I go find another one, Peggy what did you add in your stew?”

Peggy responded with only one word: “Patience.

See their conversation here;

In related news, , Peggy Ovire, has stated confidently that her husband, Frederick Leonard, does not womanize.

The actress, who married over the weekend while sharing their unique love story and how they dated for seven years before finally tying the knot, said her husband was faithful to their relationship throughout those years and pleaded for him not to change.

She showered praise on her husband, describing him as a prayerful man, her best friend, true to his words, and someone who has proven his unwavering love for her time and time again.

She described herself as ‘lucky’ to be married to someone like him, and advised fellow ladies to be patient with their partners.

“I saw a man that is not a womanizer and most importantly that’s why I stayed for this long. Please don’t change, Fredrick is one man that I can beat my chest on, despite what everybody is saying, that he doesn’t womanize. I will love you, I will respect you”. She said in part.

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