Nigerian man warns

A Turkey-based Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to narrate his awful experience in Cyprus before he eventually relocated to Turkey.

Nigerian man warns

The man, identified as @Klaws09 on Twitter, shared this while reacting to a tweet of a lady who warned Nigerians to beware of travelling to “low-budget” European countries out of desperation to leave the country.

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“People are suffering in Cyprus and our people are trooping in there every day. I see shege there shaa
Them tell me calm down, calm down I no gree, I wan go aboard by all means. So I went, after my stop over in Istanbul airport then finally landing in Ercan airport Cyprus, na then my eye cleared.

Airport be like warehouse. My guy that came to pick me up started laughing with his friends because he could see my disappointment from the looks on my face, empty land everywhere. You don’t even need any visa to enter Cyprus, just get your O’level documents then you will pay some Turkish airline agent some amount then you’re free to fly (ok to board).

Very expensive country to live in with nothing to show for it, you pay house rents in pounds whereas the country currency is (Turkish lira) TL. No job, bad water wey chop my hair finish. The sun in Cyprus is like hell fire. One day I left my shoe outside for some hours, came back My shoe don melt bro, I cried.

In less then a month I dn black finish. I started looking for a way out to turkey been the nearest exit, I shaa got the visa before turkey stopped granting visas to people in Cyprus because once Dey enter Turkey, them no Dey come back. I can’t even wish my worst enemy Cyprus and bad part be say , people won’t even tell you how bad it is until you enter. Them go laugh you say na ” tellth no bo ” say you come use your eye see am.

Some people couldn’t last one week in Cyprus, they went back to Nigeria.
The rate of prostitution there now is even alarming , $200 for 2 rounds with abeg ooo.

Lagos island fine pass north Cyprus by far, just say light Dey but apart from that nothing to see in Cyprus just premium suffer.”

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  1. Not everywhere is outside country.

    My dear brothers and sisters, before you travel, ensure you know your destination too well to know what you can do when you get there.

    Don’t be so desperate to travel. As a matter of fact, if you are already doing well in Nigeria, you don’t need to be in a hurry to travel.

  2. Thanks for the vital information, though you sound so funn d way u re saying it.i will have to be very careful me that’s planning to travel abroad

  3. Bro facts ..I also had to relocate to turkey,cyprus is dead.people don’t know that there’s north Cyprus and south Cyprus.south Cyprus is part of the EU but is hard to enter….north Cyprus is just a shit hole

  4. We all have different experiences in Cyrus and for me its much better than Nigeria.there is work if u r willing to do hard work and from there you can relocate to some where else . Many of us get there knowing that it will be difficult but that its a stepping stone to some where .I came there and now I am in the US. Many of us have relocated to better countries because we were in cyprus .its better than Nigeria in terms of relocating to a better country

  5. Some of those who say things like this are lazy hoping to pick money on the street abroad like some one asked why didn’t you come back to Nigeria? And what are you working in Turkey and mind you not every one will succeed in a place where other succed vars-vasal so stop spoiling people’s minds keep your experience to any one who asked u for that 😎

  6. But how come he was able to get money to relocate to turkey ,he didn’t state those details here just the bad side of it ,well it is well.

  7. lol” the guy is saying the truth “ there is nothing in this north cyprus “ is just only suffer and things are very hard here” agents have deceive some many people just to eat there money “ by bringing them here to suffer “ pls be aware of where you traveling

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