Popular Actress, Etinosa Idemudia has shared her candid opinion on why couples who dated for many years end up getting a divorce after one year of marriage.

Etinosa reveals

The movie star, who recently welcomed a baby girl, made this revelation in a post shared via her Instagram stories on Saturday, January 9th.

According to her, most unsuspecting couples go into marriage with unrealistic expectations, unknowing to them that there is no significant difference between courtship and marriage, except the fact that the latter is official.

She further added that some people ignore the red flags in their courtship, simply because they want to get married and answer the title ‘Mr’ or ‘Mrs’, then realize marriage is not worth the stress.

The thespian noted that these are some of the reasons why people who dated for years end up getting a divorce barely one year into their marriage

See her post below,

Etinosa reveals



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