Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has shared her reservation about those who use the phrase “Can I be your friend?” upon meeting people for the first time.

Actress, Lydia Forson

According to the actress, she thinks the phrase is extremely creepy and those who use it have an ulterior motive.

She, however, noted that some people might have good intentions for formally asking to be people’s friends but it still makes her uncomfortable.

Taking to Twitter, Lydia wrote,

“Can I be your friend?”

I’ve always found this line to be extremely creepy and I feel the people who often ask have an ulterior motive.

May not always be the case but it’s always made me uncomfortable..”

See the tweet below,

Actress, Lydia Forson

The tweet has sparked a debate on social media as some netizens argue that there is nothing wrong with the phrase, while others maintained that it is better for friendships to grow naturally.

@bigmanwife wrote, “What do you want them to say? Can I be your enemy? Aunty rest in Jesus”

@sir_tijaja wrote, “Honestly, there are some things you should never ask for. Love is one of them. Let jt grow naturally and make the simplest move. You no suppose dey convince or beg person for all these things.”

veronicasdaughter wrote, “I find it straight to the point and honest. The person likes u and ur vibes and wants to be ur friend. Consider it advance warning or statement of intent. I’m straight forward n like people who are too. No mind games.”

fatie_skin_glow wrote, “Friendship should come natural I find it creepy too having someone ask me to be my friend.
Make everybody Dey en dey”

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