Popular Nigerian media personality, Uti Nwachukwu, has berated Nigerians participating in the ‘Jesus’ challenge.

On Tuesday, gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey launched the Jesus challenge, in which Christians are encouraged to share an image with the name of Jesus boldly inscribed on it in order to unleash the power of Christ on the country.

“Can we make this our profile picture at 12 noon on all your social media handles? (WAT) in a few minutes Time. And also share as a post on your timeline and as your story. And for the rest of the day ??? And also declare that name into the atmosphere ! JESUS! Let the world ask what is going on. And we’ll tell them – JESUS IS GOING ON !” He wrote.

As instructed, Nigerians began uploading the images across all social media platforms, eliciting reactions from netizens.

One of those who were against the new challenge was Uti, and he expressed his thoughts about it in a video he shared online.

According to him, when he asked what the challenge was about, he was told that the participants were attempting to “bring Jesus to Nigeria to save us”.

He wondered when Nigerians would learn to act instead of relying on religion when all that is required is ‘work’.

He added that the majority of people participating in the Jesus challenge may not have their PVCs, that can help bring the change Nigerians so much desire.

Speaking further, he stated that the majority of people who were killed during the Owo church massacre on Sunday were probably shouting Jesus while their lives were snuffed out of their bodies.

Watch video below,


  1. Really so getting d so called pvc is d best tin to do now right.really?? ,am really surprised at wat u said cause we all know dat our vote does not count in dis god damn country.they already know who d f**k dey wanna put up there so y disturb our self for a country dat doesn’t give a damn about us simply because of their selfish interest,so bro all we need now is God’s interventions 👌👌👌dats d fact

  2. Well ehm of a I won’t dispute what you just said but the truth is with or without PVC God is able to give us leaders after his heart.

  3. Oti Nwachukwu how many people have your PVC saved?
    Oti the people that was killed in 2011 elections didn’t they have their PVC, HOW COME THEY DIED.
    I’M sure you where among the people who campaign & help this wicked government into power, you are among the people who protested against a more reliable government & told lies against them, just to satisfy your selfish interests.
    You have no moral right come up here looking for who to advice.
    You never see anything we go so post this JESUS NAME TILL YOU CHOK.

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