Self-acclaimed relationship expert, Okoro Blessing, popularly known as Blessing CEO has claimed that she is only disliked by many people because she is so attractive.

In a recent video, the controversial therapist who just got out of jail counseled her loved ones to accept her flaws.

Blessing CEO made fun of the people who love to exploit her name to make fun of her, claiming that she is tired of the constant online criticism since she is not flawless and that her name has the capacity to make many people relevant.

She claims that those who despise her always change their minds after meeting her in person.

In her words;

“I want those of you who love me to get the better part of me. I am imperfect. I am human. I no dey claim say I be saint. Na because I fine Na why these people want cut my neck. If you see me for real life, you go shout. I no fine for camera.”

Watch her speak below,

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