News of a Kenyan man who beat his wife to a pulp over food went viral yesterday, getting major reactions from online users.

One of the people who reacted to the news is singer Pepenazi, who believe anyone caught abusing another human, should be severely dealt with.

Read his thoughts on the issue below:

“To say this is inhumane is an understatement. For the life of me, I will never understand why any one be it a man or a woman would want to hurt another human this way.

“So he beat her up and disfigured her all because of food, but again who cares what the reason is?

“So sir, where you able to cut the chunky part of her face,cook and eat it at the end, or was your dinner and I hope, any food you ever get henceforth, thrown at you in jail?

“In my opinion any one who can be so heartless to hurt another human, be it physically, mentally, psychologically, what ever form of abuse should not only be jailed, but first stripped, beaten severely then thrown into a dungeon.

“Since you want to behave like an animal, let the law treat you as such.”

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