I guess as the saying goes, ‘time changes yesterday.’ It should be the other way around, but 9ice was recently photographed asking Yemi Alade for her autograph.

Yemi Alade shared the pic on Instagram a few minutes ago, with the caption “Oga @nice made me autograph my album for him when it should be the other way round… choi.”


  1. Wtf… Its her album nd not 9ice’s album,i still dont c wat she meant by ‘d oda way round’. Dats an artist supporting a fellow artist.Now dats aw dey nuture ‘beef’ in d industry, later dey will complain dey cant get a good man “Ego”

  2. Shhe and ha generation will nvr sing d kind good songs wey 9ice Don sing,so mak she jst go sleep,cos ha record label go dey use money buy awards ha.Alapomeji na living Legend!

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