A South African photographer has been left astonished and devastated after he discovered he had two siblings he was unaware of, four years after a random lady mentioned he looked like her son.

The man identified as Kasi had taken to his Twitter page in 2018 to reveal that he had encountered a lady who commented on his striking resemblance with her son.

He joked that he would not be surprised if it turned out to be true knowing how ‘crazy’ his father had lived.

He wrote;
“Some random lady just told me I look like her son, knowing how wild my dad is that nigga might just be my brother”

Four years later, he realized that the boy the lady had mentioned was, in fact, his brother and that he had not only one but two siblings from the same woman and he was truly shocked by the revelation.

In his words;

This n*gga is unbelievable
I’m too old to learn about a new sibling, let alone 2 in one day
This nigga really hid us from each for 25+ years, I don’t know whether to be impressed or horrified”

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