Popular Nigerian reality TV star Phyna recently revealed in a video that she had turned down an offer of 13m Naira from Quidax, one of the Big Brother Naija show sponsors.

According to her, Quidax had informed her that they would give her 13 million naira which is the rate of 1 BTC in 2022.

Recall that Phyna had called out the organizers and sponsors of the reality TV show for not giving her all the gift prizes she won.

Some of the brands met with the reality TV star and promised to fix up by giving her another offer.

However, the reality TV star turned down their offer because it was not favorable and is still hell-bent on receiving the prize gift agreed on.

In the video, Phyna could be heard saying;

“I am standing on my Maldives trip for two. So I’m waiting to get my tickets for Maldives. You can’t give me Kenya or Morocco as options to pick from. I can fund my trip if I want to go to Kenya or Morocco.

Also, Quidax said they would give me N13m, the rate of 1 BTC in 2022. Before I countered that, I reminded them that as at when I checked in November 2022, 1 BTC was N22m but they insisted that it was N13.8m. So I referred to my Google and it showed me that 1 BTC was about N19m in November 2022.

If Quidax had given me my 1 BTC in 2022, today I will be having about N96 million sitting in my wallet. Now you are telling me that you are going to give me N13m, so what happens to all my losses in the past two, three years?”

Watch the video below,

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