If you don’t know Iceberg Slim, well, I won’t say he’s that prominent with his “music career” but I can tell you that he’s one with cooking beef… You can ask our Chairman, M.I Abaga, who served it to few years back.

In an exclusive interview with Punch Newspaper, the musician, Olusegun Olowokere better known as Iceberg Slim, slammed two of his colleagues, Peter Okoye of Psquare and Phyno, agitating another beef as he accused them of copying his “hairstyle”.

The singer is signed to Tiwa Savage’s ex husband, TeeBillz’ 323 Entertainment. He tells the publication his voice and his hairstyle are the unique features that distinguishes him from other musicians, pleading with them to stop duplicating so that he can have his own brand identity.

He is quoted as saying:

“I don’t sound like anyone else, from my accent to my tone and diction. I try to constantly reinvent my hairstyle, so that I do not look like anyone else either. So far, these two things have been distinguishing factors.

“When I started the MoHawk in Nigeria, I saw the likes of Phyno and Peter (P-Square) replicate it. I later changed my hairstyle and decided to just do one single braid going to the back, now I see X-Busta and a few others have reproduced it, once again. If they weren’t entertainers, this would probably be fine. Well, I’ve changed it yet again! Please, no more copying,” he said.

He went to disclose that he draws his inspiration from notable superstars like Drake, Kanye West and Tuface… lauded the Nigerian music industry, affirming that it has definitely come a long way.

He said:

“I’m honestly impressed at the level of success and global recognition we have achieved thus far. It can only get bigger and better with time.”



  1. Is a free world! Everybody has a choice to do any hair they like. Didn’t you also copy from the western world? If they copied you like you claimed, yet, they are more popular, richer and sing better than you. Talking of this hair, it originated from Satan worshippers and followers. So, you must be one of them then to be claiming rights and position on media. You no get shame?. I can see you’re really Jobless.

  2. Bro if ur hustle no dey pay,then pray to God n work harder,stop hating on another brother cos it can only scare away ur progress. Afterall the hairstyles ur talking about does not exist in their lifestyle now..

  3. The one of Phyno and Peter looks better on them, so what’s so special about your stupid head style. Mtchew! Pls shift, notice me. Even when ppl copied C. Rinaldo, he never came out to blab about it. Who knows you kwanu?

  4. Well…i no really knw d guy but i hear dat one with Davido…shey na u bring d hairstyle?..if to say u Blow we go knw if na truth buh i neva c u with the hair…My brother double your hustle instead of you looking for Beef that will make you Blow…#icebergtideOBOtide….i de feel the song shaaah! #itshightime

  5. Shut up ur dirty mouth, na u be first person to carry Mohawk hair style, why u dey beef dem they even fine pass u and their account dey breath wella. Small pikin talk guy receive sense oooo think of how to double ur hustle instead of beefing around. Mcheeeeeeeeew

  6. See what looking for cheap popularity can do to someone who has refused to work hard. U are saying they copied u and yet no one even knows u chai, yet Psquare and phyno are house hold name in Naija. Even children of ages 2 can sing and dance to at least one of Psquare and phyno song.
    This is just like telling people JJ okocha learnt how to dribble from me. My friend if you don’t work hard now your iceberg will melt just like the global warming is melting the iceberg at Antarctica.

  7. Nwokem go and seat down. Ur hair syle sef no sell and u no ask why. Make I answer u, ” na becos ur skull no fit am” now wey people wey e fit dey do am and e dey sell u wan come talk. No be oyibo people u copy do?


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