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A seven man syndicate of young guys who specialize in blackmailing young ladies (especially UNIZIK students) were caught by the police at Enugu. From investigation, these guys were the people who orchestrated the release of the lesbian video of the former Miss Anambra. They met their waterloo when they tried the same trick on another lady who was a former Unizik student but currently an upcoming actress and a model.leaked-0


Their mode of operation is very simple. They open female Facebook accounts and scout for unsuspecting young ladies. These guys will operate the said accounts as ladies and become very friendly with the said girls. Inundated with promises of making them become celebrities and promising to crop out their faces before posting pictures, these unsuspecting girls will send nude pictures and shot lesbian videos in return for a particular sum of money(around 100k).

Immediately they get hold of these videos or pictures, they will blackmail them into returning the money or else they publish the video or pictures. I, as Martin Beck Nworah, is categorically stating that this is a verified fact because I have seen victims in the past. And even if you do, they will still keep the materials and use it in blackmailing you when they feel you have become popular or achieved something.

In the case of the former Miss Anambra, after extorting so much money from her, she became fed up and threatened to deal with them since she is now a beauty queen. Remember, her lesbian video was shot in her year one in the university even before she dreamt of contesting for Miss Anambra in 2015. When these boys saw they can no longer extort more money from her, they decided to start releasing her video(One single video they decided to cut in parts). They also screen grabbed parts of the video and released as pictures to the public.

While we wait for official statement from the security outfits, this is not in defense of anybody. I promised to physically follow this issue and see to its logical end. Thank God, we are making progress and getting to the roots. Before you form an opinion on social media, please try and verify facts if you can.

For our parents, I have repeatedly begged you to be close to your daughters and provide enough guidance for them. Just try your best and make sure you provide enough for them. Teach them how to be contented with whatever you can provide. We thank God these guys were caught today, only God knows how many ladies they have destroyed their future in the past.

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race’.




    • even if she did it, pple vidio it, she was not actin blue film, for pple to film her in d act means da vidio is sometin arrainged to use to deal wit her incase she fail in dia agreement, she failed and d vidio leaked…Was dat bag havin a hole dat made dis vidio leak? no, pple leak it, d same pple dat help her won d crown. Do u no wat many pple pass tru jus to be famous, bcos they dnt say it. Am not talkin in respet,of her being a lesbian or wateva, i said that so as to pass d massage across to other blackmailers out dia dat d can be found. dos boys are not even d key suspets in dat leakage, dont be suprised dat important personalities may be involvd. Dias dis lgbo adage dat says lf a rich man tells a poor man wetin im do becom rich, poor man go say dont worry make i remain like dis. Dat vidio was used to hold her to ransom incase she fail in dia agreement.

    • @James, am not but ur entittled to ur opinions, she was not actin a pono movie, yet pple vidio d whole act….Can u think of d motives behind dis……Lets forget abt dis Chidinma and focus small on d camera man or men, woman or wateva they are.

    • @DURU SANTOS or wateva d hell is ur Godforsaken name… I no u must be a kid so stop insultin me when u dnt undastand anythin i said…If to say i born pikin wen i begin see flower i for don born ur mate…Go wash cloth dem send u before ur madam go kill u, yabaleft go still bring ur news and me i go comment and u wunt be dia to insult me. Good-boy.

  1. Torrrrr no be 9ja again!!, once u are ontop ,u are above the law… That’s injustice oh, Just because she is a celebrity doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be punished for her deeds. As a celebrity Na she is free, can u imagine.. The wrong person is even arrested for the crime of another.

  2. All this things are lies because they are using it to cover up but think of it can someone make u become lesbian over night without u been a lesbian. Is better for her to look for a way to clear this mess.

  3. The guy need to be killed, why invading on someone’s privacy? Is chidinma crime wrost than that atrocities and sacrilege he does in the dark? Let whom ve nt sin be the first to cast a stone on the innocent girl

  4. ahahahahahaahahhahahahahahaahha Nigeria no go kill person with laugh abeg let me be sure on one thing last I check shey lesbian or gay is a crime in Nigeria so what I don’t get why are dey not arresting chidinma why is it the other way around is this country for real hmmmmmm….those boys should be given some award or something for bringing her to book…..

    • What a shame that they are actually publicly doing the wrong thing without questioning chidinma is a disgrace and a pig someone should be brave enough to call her that….

    • Dis story can nva n ll nva be true! Wat kind of a lawless country is dis whr d offender has become a hero? D people behind Chidinma cucumber video re only using dis young men to save dier faces 4rm bin huntd by d law if dier is any. If dis guys re rily guilty, did any1 force her to do it? Y wud she in her rite frame of mind do such just to send to smebdy u hv nva met wit just to mk moni? Was dat her rison for gaining admission? Pls dis story is as fake as fake can be…… Guys God ll save u all

    • @eva no mata the amount of blackmail try me I rather go in for what ever its u are blackmailing me with rather than to give in to gay ahit, I don’t no but from what I saw she didn’t looked blackmailed on the video she was enjoying every bit of her action on the video…….is like u don’t get it imagine this grl to be ur daughter, imagine her to be ur big sis u look up to, imagine her to be someone u share the same name with how embarrass can it be pls nobody should justify her am not against her am only against her been a gay n bringing shame to my state this is a disgrace…..

    • Blackmail is as good as kidnappings so they carry almost the same offense, if the lady had giving them money or agree to their terms they wouldn’t have posted the so called video and by the way can somebody come out and say to the world he or she has never for once made a mistake or sin b4

    • Sonsy Oge, pls slap your mouth by yourself. If you claim you’re in a zoo that means you’re an animal. Me, I’m in Naija.
      Now, if the police deem it fit to arrest the whistleblowers on charges of theft, then the girl should also be arrested for practicing lesbianism period! Let’s wait and see how it all pans out.

    • Blackmail is a serious offence.If those boys were truly against lesbianism they should reported to the right authority with the video evidence.Making the video go viral won’t stop the act instead help adjust their modus operandi.Its obvious the boys wanted their cucumber[penis] there bt it failed. I WISH THE BOYS MERRY XMAS IN POLICE CUSTODY.In their life they won’t blackmail again.

    • Nigerians were blinded with hate and couldn’t see that she was being blackmailed. Who has sex with his or her partner looking so stiff and sad (with the camera woman whispering and giving instructions)?
      The time we spent criticizing and mocking her would have fetched us some facts about the video but No, we were only interested in the cucumber memes and even saving the videos on our phones.
      Well, A country granted her amnesty already and she’s gone. I wonder why they suddenly want to arrest the leaker like he did them no favour. Smh

    • first she came to tell us it was photoshop, secondly it was those that sponsored the peagentry that were blackmailing her, now it is some group of boys that always like to dupe anambra state university girls. hmm. my submissions; did she do it or not? is it that anambra state university girls do not know the purpose of being sent to school or is it that the school is a place where this girls get the connection of becoming rich overnight through dubious ways? thirdly why allow chidinma okeke move freely when the laws of nigeria prohibits her action?

    • Dis 1 na cover up stories ooooo…….i would have appreciate it more if Chidimma comes out to apologise and not looking for some1 to put her blames on, then put the whole stories behind her and start all over again ………

    • @Gc arinze look at the sky and say to ur holy GOD that u are holy like a saint …..blackmailing is an equal offence as kidnapping, rape,manslaughter. Feel it like this if mum or sis was expose like this will u kill her ….if not expose u may not no. Does that video look like a public video everyone have right to his or her privacy .what if ur privacy is exposed to the wold how will feel….

    • Hahaha, I luv this Tina Manuel I needed someone wif eyes 2 comment. Those girls r not lesbian (if u guys have watched real lesbian doing it) there was no emotion in what ever I watched them doing. Common, a lady who took d shots was d one directing d act. Pls if any of u still hav d video go back nw n watch it wif ur eyes open, (4get d act n pay attention to detail) analyze every scene. D kissing, caressing n even d moaning were so fake, 2 show u d girls were new in d game (if not first timers), there was no formal of affection in wat they were doing. True lesbian show much affection on each other when in d act than when in it wif an opposite sex. 4rm d first day I saw d video, I knew it wasn’t a recent video. To me this duo where just on an adventure trip that has now crash landed years later. The fact is, as young boys n girls, we did some stupid things that if played back 2 d public 2day, we would b so ashamed we ever did them. Lesbianism isn’t d only stupid thing most youths do behind close doors, most of us stole 10 naira 4rm our parents back in d day, had s*x in d school toilet, did exam malpractice, joined secret cults, slept with lecturers 4 upgrades, bribed aka “sort” lecturers also 4 upgrades, inflated demands in school 4 extra cash 4rm our parents, I cud go on n on, d list is long. We may smile @ some, frown @ some, cry @ some, hide our faces 4 shame @ some even consider suicide @ some. So even as we take “poor Chidinma” to the Slaughter let us not 4get in a hurry the Bible says “4 ALL have signed n come short of the GLORY of GOD.” N JESUS also reiterated “if there’s any here WITHOUT SIN, let him cast d first stone” d Bible said “they left one after d other until there were no one else n JESUS said 2 her go n sin no more”. I believe we all know we r not Holier than JESUS. #letchidinmabe#

    • Draging your name to the mud is much easier as it is more quicker to trash your room than to actually clean it up neatly, most of u form the gang that look for quick easy solution to problems that aint solve that way, why dress up silly excuses, like she was in the video but she was not emotionally active and all of that, no kid, i repeat kid, dance to his mom pot to steal meat bcos despite he want to do it, deep down he know is bad, from the analogy, now tell me, how do u expect the okeke to be happily performing an act that her culture and country at large frown at. Some say she was being instructed, even the world class top actors and actresses get instructions, if she never wanted she would have been clear about it ” me cant fit do this ooo am out”. The best news we hard was that a country has granted her asylum, i guess that is a new way of solving Nigerian crimes. Lets not put sentiments over morality, lets not practice selective morality and choose when to be outraged by such shame. The way this case is handle they will be more pornography videos of Nigerians before the year run out.

    • Nah whaoooo……nigerians, y r nigeria’s police lyk dis.y can’t u arrest chidinma…..well, maybe she has bribed u cos, I know our police like money…..well, remember Dat those u arrested r also human being ND they’ve done u a favour…..so, release d guys ND arrest chidinma d naughty girl…..ND pls, for those dat r quoting bible, yeah it’s true but, let’s call a spade a spade ND b straight forward cos those dey arrested r also created by God….they r also human being lyk chidinma…..ND lastly, if we want this country b good, let’s stop collecting bribe

    • Tina manuel so u are proud of sin, when u sin against God or man you have to beg and ask God to forgive u first, then apology to whom u offend, that is why God ‘s love David, so much.this our generation i wonder God save us.

    • @Chiwendu Chinwedu Anthony I guess u read my post very well, there wasn’t any phrase that stated I gave Chidinma an applause 4 wat she did. I only analyzed wat I saw. I never claimed 2 b in support of any evil act. I can’t sell my pride 4 ANYTHING not 4 any amount. Am just feeling 4 her that’s all. She isn’t d only one in this, over 70% of Nigerian women (married n single) r in2 this shit, most of them r even on this platform condenming Chidinma. There r thousands of Nigerian lesbian videos on the Internet 2day, Chidinma’s case is different cos she now has a name (Miss Anambra 2015). Like d normal Street saying “na who dem catch b thief” Thanks Madam. Have a lovely day

    • Chinwedu Anthony,with this comment now I know say u go follow for pple weh want make Biafra come.
      Tomorrow you guys will be blaming whites for racism while you guys have ethnicity, tribalism running through your veins instead of blood.
      It’s still people like you that will come out and tell an Ebonyi state man that they are not IGBO.
      May your CHI help u

    • GC Arinze ur not really educated atall,so u mean they should give the boys award for blackmailing girls n setting them up?so now girls will have to be scared of meeting guys both on Facebook n on social medias?that she acted the sane doesn’t mean she’s a lesbian,frustration can make 1 do so many things,bring her to book u said?for what?they should promote guys that target n ruin girls lives ,oh woaw I must say ur really great,so what’s their gain?as u enjoyed the destruction bet me ur really not different from them,n the same guys they caught confessed n ur still vomiting this,pray it doesn’t come to u n pray u will have to make a whole lot of money to be able to follow ur kids anywhere they go,u don’t judge people cos the way we see things might not be the way it is,I know the story never ended that the truth must come out n here it is n u want to award the criminals ,pray they don’t ruin ur daughters live .. Mtchwwwww

    • @everyone aunty Chidimma is also a suspect to another crime not blackmailing …exposing crime is different from blackmailing there is an appropriate office to report crimes not only police station

    • Omowumi Afolabi ur a woman when u talk think before vomiting,go n read what the guys confessed before nailing the girls,u don’t know who to meet tomorrow, u don’t know if the person u meet might be the end of ur life,let’s becareful on what we say pls n never judge,if the police didn’t arrest her then it means is not ur doing,the way we judge isn’t the way God judge,so as a woman n ur talking abt arresting her then u can go do it ur self after all ur a citizen of this country,then u will v to ask urself if ur a saint cos as u did some shits behind close doors even the walls see u,so don’t judge.

    • So i should support evil, if i commit any crime cast de blame on me, i will acpt it apologize and change okay, i can never sell my pride becos of moni, i hav seen deals that can change me and my generation but i rejected it. Let it be a lesson to we ladies,we should stop selling our pride for moni, if she from my state i will still blame her, if she my sis too i will still blame her too.Dagreatest DjSleek am not against any tribe pls.

    • Hirekaan Terdoo ur a bigger fool cos u should know that, ur in school doesn’t mean that things a very well with u,when u understand life then u won’t have to point fingers on others mistake,that u commented here n judging her doesn’t mean ur a saint,am sure ur even worst than the so called hungry fags,that’s why I don’t accept ppl on my act expect I know u verywel cos people like u might act the same thing the guys did just for money,and how dare u blame the girl when the fags that target girls on medias has been caught n they even confessed not only that chidinma was their only victim but ther so many girls out there that they v ruined their lives n ur here comment shit,oya go n arrest her,bloody asshole.

    • I love ur write ups #Louis_Nya n #Tina_Manuel I love to see people that doesn’t judge one another. Nigeria is full of hate and jelousy for any celebrity that’s y they like to judge any one that falls a victim of circumstance irrespective of the reasons for his or her actions. Every body has flaws in life.

    • juddy godwin, am sure u are the type that want the LGBT and pornography to be legalize but it wont. You christians this days only know about Gods love and forgiveness u refuse to understand sin and its consequences. like i said go read a book and if u can read 2 Corinthians 2:15

    • Did any of u watched d video clip? cos i didn’t c her face like one dt is bin blackmailed der. all i c is someone enjoying herself with her patterns…. Woo betide nigeria police if they failed to arrest nd jail her…. let’s assumed as some of u claimed dt it is bin blackmailed? did she perform d act yes or no? did the police took d so called guys to court cos wot we whr told was it is one CHIEF at a point they said it is ABS anambra boss is d one doing it. today we v different people looking hungry and unkept to cover d act…..FINALLY, IF POLICE FAILED TO DO D RIGHT TIN BY TAKING CHIDINMA ND HER FRND TO COURT ND ALLOW D JUDGE TO DO D NEEDFUL…DEN THEY SHLD B READY TO C OTHER GAY’S ND LESBIANS SPRINGING OUT AND COS we v turn illegality to our norms so shall it b

    • Pls o by the way what happend to the original cucumber…cus am scared to buy one now..its quiet a pitty she was cut, now she has to take responsibility for her action…she needs to serve as a scape goat for others hahaha this things her getting too much. She’s suppose to b a role model for d younger generation.what kind of true model who can be ambasedors to this great nation does that. Its a shame….my 14 year old nephew first told me about this. She’s aspireing to be a model. I simply barn her from going to facebook… pls don’t come and teach us rubish with ur carless life oo mrs cucumber…go to jail and come out to be a better peson u can b a multivational speaker this carelessness of urs too…I love u but let models have dignity.