The Nigerian police force has revealed that the Nigerian lady in the viral video who claimed she was paid N1.1million for sleeping with a dog will be invited for questioning.

The police Public Relations Officer, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, made this revelation in a chat with newsmen.

The said lady, identified as Veegodess, sparked outrage after a video where she admitted to sleeping with a dog for a pay of N1.1 million went viral.

“What is the big deal there? I only slept with a dog, I didn’t kill somebody. You, in your life, you have done worse and besides, have you seen N1.1million before?” She said in the video.

After being dragged to filth, she made a U-turn and revealed that everything she said in the video was ‘cruise’ and false.

However, the police PRO in a chat with newsmen asked the public to help the police with information on how to apprehend the ladies involved in the ”Unnatural offense.”

“I really want us to take necessary action on these ladies that are involved in Unnatural offences and post same online. We want to urge you to give us any useful information on how to get these babes. We need to fish them out please”. He said.

He added that whether or not the ladies were joking, they must be brought in for questioning.

In a tweet, Adejobi also pointed that sexual relations with an animal is a crime in Nigeria.

Watch the viral video below,

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  1. Any law can be amended, what she did is wrong if only she did it forcefully, how we know its done willingly? better if law guys ask the dog. She shold be free n not questionable, unless n other wise the gov’t needs to collect its revenue income tax.

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