Read Below a Report Sent in to LIB about a Police Man who goes By the Name – Mr. IK Okocha who assaulted a woman yesterday in Lekki Phase 1.

A police man attached to the Maruko police station in Lekki phase 1 who goes by the name Mr Ik Okocha assaulted a woman yesterday. I witnessed the incident. The police man was smelling of alcohol and he looked and spoke like he was not in his right state of mind. The lady had an argument with a taxi driver then the police man decided to get involved. He wrestled with the girl and punched her even after his fellow police men told him to leave the girl. He was also going to get his rifle to shoot the girl, if it wasn’t for the other police men who stopped him. This police officer should be expelled from the police force as he is a disgrace to the force.”

Watch Video:

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