A Twitter user has shared a warning from food experts about the use of rotten tomatoes to cook and adverse side effects to health like cancer and immune deficiency.

“‘Stop using rotten tomato to cook, it is dangerous to your health. If is cracked or rotten, throw it away’ – Food Safety Expert warns.
Once tomatoes become rotten, they will have microorganisms, mostly fungi, and fungi in rotten tomatoes produce mycotoxins which are deadly and induce cancer, and cause immune deficiency in man and animals” he tweeted.

Netizens did not agree with this study and think only the rich can afford to be selective about the type of tomato they would cook with and believe a poor man cannot really be bothered by a little rot in tomato.

Some seemed to think if our forefathers could survive cooking with rotten tomatoes, then we could too.

@theigbowolf wrote “Poor people having to choose between health or starvation hurts me because what are they supposed to do????”

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