The head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has expressed concern over the high rate of kidnap in Nigeria.

Sharing via his page on the microblogging platform X, he hoped that the incident would be curtailed as soon as possible.

The pope had made the post to create awareness about the condition of Nigerians, hoping that the government who make efforts to stop the recurring incident.

His tweet read,

“The increasingly frequent kidnappings in Nigeria are extremely concerning. I express my closeness in prayer to the Nigerian people, hoping that efforts will be made to contain the spread of these incidents as much as possible.”

While some appreciated his effort via the comment section, others noted that Nigeria needs more than prayer.

Below are some comments,

@_phoenixgold:  Whenever it involves Nigeria and Africa, they offer prayers. Just the same way they offered us religion

@meetdejesus:  Even the pope knows we don’t just need prayers but we need to put in more effort to fight kidnappers.

@nellyviano:  He is not praying for you guys, just telling the rest of the world Nigeria is a dangerous place to go and therefore k! killing the dying economy even more. Be wise!

@Mr_Francis55:  It’s really concerning and at a critical stage now, thank you for remembering our country in your prayers