Police spokesperson reacts

Nigerian Police Force spokesperson, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has reacted to a video of an officer opening the car door for a clergyman named ‘Pastor Courage’.

The incident was brought to the spokesperson’s attention by an X user who questioned whether it was appropriate for a policeman to open the car door for a private citizen.

 Police spokesperson reacts

Sharing a video of the incident, the X user wrote,

“Please when did it become normal for a policeman attached to a private citizen to open vehicle doors for them? Actions like this demean the police force sir.”

Reacting to the tweet, the PRO first questioned the identity of the private citizen, as according to him, there are some individuals entitled to such treatment.

He wrote, “Who is the person? I need to know before any comments. There are some individuals who are entitled to that, by position, rank, or social status. So who is this person?. You can help with this info. Thanks”

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Responding, the X user revealed that identity of the clergyman and disclosed that he is based in Abuja.

He posted a photo of the clergyman with the caption,

“Here he is, an upcoming Pastorpreneur who calls himself “Pastor Courage”, he sings online.

I guess he has a lot of “tithes” in his purse to make it go round at the police HQ.

He dey Abuja.

Shey police said make we de help them with investigation?

I don help.”

Upon seeing the pastor, PRO Muyiwa stated that it was inappropriate for the policeman to open the door for him. He also mentioned that the policeman would be investigated.

He wrote, “If it’s this man, it’s wrong for a policeman to open the door for him. It’s clear that the policemen lacks self-esteem, dignity, and professionalism. I will find out, and do the needful. Thanks.”

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