Popular Instagram dancer, Jane Mena who’s known for uploading dance videos of herself on her IG page, recently shared a video documenting her relationship with her husband, Plies.

The adorable video shows different photos of them when they were younger and where they are now.

Watch the lovely video below,

Earlier this year, Jane Mena gave some sort of marital advice to her female fans… Jane who is happily married but still ‘twerking’ and doing what she loves on the gram said it might not have been possible if she had opted to settle-down with a ready-made Billionaire.

According to Jane, her husband is amazing and he treats her like an egg and this is why girls should first choose that person who gives them real happiness because money isn’t everything.

Her post reads,

Just imagine me looking and waiting for one ready made billionaire that would come and get married to me and thereafter stop me from doing what I love the most because he’s RICH ASF while I stay so Sad but I’m Eating plenty money and driving Bentley🥺

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