Tboss query

Reality TV star, Tokunbo Idowu better known as Tboss, has posed a question at ladies who pose in a sensual manner in pictures.

Tboss pointed out the sensual and weird poses that have trended among the women folks over the years and questioned why women have to pose in such risqué manner to  portray their sexiness.

The 37-year-old model who asked this question on her Instastory wrote,

“It used to be them females twisting so hard show their faces and yet include their butts in the photos. I have tried it – I almost rearranged my organs so I gave up – besides my backside isn’t even that homongous so the struggle was too damn real.

Then came the tongues sticking out. Looking like a generation of serpentine spirits. Issokay.

Some of y’all need to focus on actually brushing your tongues cos that white is evidence of stench & an unclean mouth.

But heyyy- do you!!!

Now, it’s the boob grope.

The amount of self fondling & breast groping is legit getting outta hand.

Must we portray sexiness in such a vulgar manner?

What’s next?

Abeg I don tire for una.
They say if you can’t beat them, join them.

My own I will do all of the above and add Jara.”

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