A Nigeiran man has taken to his social media page to share how he was almost scammed by a P.O.S attendant and how he was able to prevent it.

Twitter user @Iam_gifted had gone to withdraw money and the attendant tried to take a picture of his ATM card to get the numbers written on it. She held on to the card for too long and he suspected something dodgy was going on instead.

He startled her and caught her taking pictures with the intent to send them to her boyfriend.

“Please, you guys should be careful how you withdraw money from POS. Yesterday I went out to withdraw from the POS. When I gave the girl my card to withdraw money, she bent down to pick up something which happens to be my ATM card
I was tired of waiting for her to stand up, so, I opened the door and saw her taking pictures of my ATM card numbers. She got shocked and tried to hide her phone from me but I told her I will call the police to arrest her if she doesn’t say the truth to me.
She later confessed that she do send the pictures to her boyfriend so they can withdraw money from people’s account.” he tweeted.

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