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Poultry Farmer Forced To Relocate To the UK After His Former Employee Killed All His Livestock (VIDEO)

A poultry farmer in Nigeria has been forced to shut down his business and move to the United Kingdom following a shocking incident.

The farmer’s livestock was tragically wiped out by an ex-employee whom he had dismissed for stealing birds.


According to a Facebook post shared by user Dani Molerum, the dismissed employee had been secretly taking two birds home every weekend.

Upon discovering the theft, the farmer promptly terminated her employment.

In an act of revenge, the disgruntled employee decided to poison the feed given to the poultry.

The poisoned feed caused the birds to consume the lethal substance, resulting in the death of the entire livestock.

Not a single bird was spared from the consequences of her act.

Heartbroken and facing immense financial losses, the poultry farmer made the decision to leave Nigeria and start afresh in the United Kingdom.

After five years of investing in his passion and striving to create employment opportunities, he now finds himself having to rebuild his business from scratch.

The farmer’s unfortunate experience has not only affected him but also caused severe consequences for his other employees and their livelihoods.

As the story continues to circulates, it as garnered the attention of netizens online, and as sparked conversations among viewers on matters about trust and employee management.

Watch the video below:

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