The Minister of state for power, Goddy Jedy Agba, has stated that power failures are a thing of the past in Nigeria now.

The minister said this while speaking at a town hall meeting in Abuja on Tuesday, February 22. Agba noted that by the end of the year, 85 percent of the citizens will have access to electricity.

“Power failure is a thing of the past. By the end of the year, 85 percent of Nigerians will have electricity. Also, all the houses will be metered – you will only pay for what you consume.” He said.

In other news, president Buhari has seemingly slammed Nigerians, saying they are very forgetful of the achievements of his regime in the last six years.

The President, during an interview aired on NTA on Friday evening, described some Nigerians as ungrateful for failing to appreciate that his administration is doing so much with little resources.

In his words;

“Nigerians, I think, are very forgetful. I am very pleased that the majority of Nigerians think that this administration, under the circumstances, are doing their best but people who misappropriated funds are elected members, either at state or federal level.

You can accuse them or try to prove that when they were elected members of the House of Reps and they are given ministries and so on, they had only one house and maybe a wife but now they have several houses may be in Abuja, maybe in Lagos, so, rarely, if you try to work out their legitimacy limit, viz-a-viz their expenditure, they will be exposed.”


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