Controversial investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has accused people who attend church vigils of practicing witchcraft.

kemi olunloyo witchcraft

Kemi took to Twitter to air her unpopular opinion. According to her, going to church at night or staying up too late is unnecessary.

She noted that God is omnipresent and everywhere at all hours, so people should be comfortable with praying at anytime, rather than praying in darkness.

Her outburst was in reaction to a Redeemed church having a vigil down her street, as she complained that their sound was disturbing her family.

She tweeted,

“If U or your family members attend CHURCH VIGILS, you are legitimately practicing WITCHCRAFT. God is everywhere at all hours. Going out to church or staying up at the dead of night is unnecessary. Pray anytime, NOT in darkness. The church down the street is disturbing us now”

See her post below,

Kemi olunloyo vigil

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