Praiz wants

Although pop singer, Praiz is known to sing some of the finest love songs at the moment, he is not in love.

The singer revealed that his last relationship left him heartbroken and that was what motivated him to release the record, ‘Folashade,’ which earned him a Headies award.

“Folashade was inspired by my last relationship; I like to write songs based on true life experiences so that a lot of people would be able to relate with the songs. On the day I recorded the song, I was very heartbroken so when I got into the studio, I started making the beat. I produced the song myself. I poured out words that I felt came to me based on the mood I was at the time and when I was done with the song, everyone said it was a nice idea. When it was released, everyone loved it because it was different and I am happy the song got its due acknowledgment. But the girl’s name was not Folashade,” he said.

The singer noted that recently he has been feeling lonely, encouraging any lady who is interested in him to ‘shoot their shot’ as he would love to have a girlfriend soon,

“At the moment, I am single, so ladies who are interested in me should try their luck, they should ‘shoot their shots’ because to be honest, there are times when I get lonely, there are times I just want to know I have a girlfriend.

“So whoever is interested should apply within,” the singer said.

The Rich and Famous singer told Saturday Beats that his parents have begun to mount pressure on him about marriage but he always tries his best to avoid such conversations.

“I actually avoid talking about marriage with my parents. Anytime I go home, they try to bring it up but I find a way to change the conversation.

“The last time it happened, I was talking about a particular subject with my father that had nothing to do with relationship or even marriage and all of a sudden, my father said, ‘Praiz you know that the bible says…’

“I had to cut him short and informed him that I was jet-lagged because I knew he was going to say something like the bible says it is not good for a man to be lonely.”

“I know my father very well, so I just told him that I was very tired. It is not that I would not want to get married, I believe in love and I would want to get married someday but the time has to be right.

“Marriage is not something you should rush into, inasmuch as I know it is good to get married while you are young, a lot of youth rush into marriage and in six months’ time, it packs up.

“A lot of people believe that courtship is a waste of time but I believe in getting to know the person I am dating or whoever I am considering spending the rest of my life with the same way that the person has to know who I am.

“I need to know her likes and dislikes and it works both ways,” Praiz said.

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