Popular Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has encouraged people to look beyond prayer as an option for all of their issues.

The actor, who recently became a preacher, encouraged Nigerians to visit their communities in search of solutions to specific issues instead of always praying.

Yul Edochie offered the advice on his social media pages, stressing that sometimes a person’s village has the solution to their problems.

He emphasised that individuals must go and ask inquiries, particularly on the reason why death has started to occur often in their family.

The actor made the point that even if some individuals have been praying, their family problem still exists, which is why village consultations are crucial.

Edochie wrote; “Prayer is good. But sometimes the answer to your problems lies in your village. Go home & ask questions. For some families, death has become a reoccurring thing.

They have prayed for so long yet nothing changed. Go to your village & ask questions. Do some consultations. Many answers lie there.”

See some reactions to his advice below.

Chijioke wrote; “Prayer is the key.
Prayer is a means to give earthly permission for divine intervention into whatever matter you are praying for.
It’s in prayers that you will get the revelation that whatever is holding you is on your village, what part of your village it is and what to do when you get to the Village.
If not, when you get to the village, if to say Na ordinary palm frond Dy use tie your destiny, they go comot am use chain tie am.”

Mobolaji commented; “You people mistaken village people as people in the village.
Most people don’t even have anyone that know them in village but you people keep talking about village…
Some people’s actually village people na girl wey she promise to marry con leave the girl after everything she has done …Just try your best to be good that’s it and your prayers will be answered”

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