Buhari 2D

Following the outrage from leaders of the country on the very recent action of Head of States, President Muhammed Buhari; appointing more of Northerners into key federal positions, the Presidency, has now come to assure Nigerians that the appointments will spread round the country very soon and it would not be a Northern themed scenario at the time.

The Presidential spokes­man, Femi Adesina while answering questions on a live radio programme in Abuja yester­day, said:

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“No body can fault the fact that the persons appointed were ap­pointed on merits. In terms of the spread, the President has the prerogative on ap­pointment and he knows there is federal character. I’m sure there will be bal­ance in the future”.These are still early days, at the end of the day we will have a balance. Don’t let’s forget that some of the positions are by elec­tion.”“By the time more ap­pointments are made, there will be balance, the presi­dent is trying to get the very best of Nigerians. The issue of key positions and no key positions should not be the issue.“He gave a deadline of September for the appoint­ment of ministers and he will keep to it”, he assure

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