According to reports, President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe reportedly fired his Chief of Defense Forces (Pictured above – sitting near his wife) for allegedly being too free around his wife, Grace Mugabe and also staring at her butt when she bent down (Pictured Below).

This report is according to Alex Tackie and a few others.


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  1. A man quite above 90 years of age still engrossed in the waistline and front compartment of a woman. I won’t be surprised to hear that he requested that a woman be put in his casket during his burial.

  2. Mugabe should give us a break,what abt the gyn doctors n doctors who work on her wife when she was having a baby,one way or the other somebody will stare at ur property mteew

  3. We should not bring family matters at work.The two cannot mix.Mugabe should have looked for another way to deal with this and not firing him.

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