Head of states, President Buhari performed Umrah (lesser Hajj) at the Masjid Haram (the Grand Mosque) in Mecca, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia yesterday, May 17th.

The President is pictured with his first lady, Aisha and his close aides saying their prayers at the mosque.

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  1. May accept your dua to secure Nigeria and Nigerians from these unpatriotic individuals who causing wahala in the country for personal interest.

  2. May Allah accept your dua, Mr President our only hope is you please come back and something about this insecurity in the nation secondly if you really want to stabilize this county economy you have to make sure that all northern Borno towns and remote villages are fully liberated and resettled more especially Baga, Kangarwa, Abadam, Malum Fatori, Jabullam, Tala Gam, Jumma Chere, Gashigar, Asaga, Duji, Kainowa, Banna, Moriya, Ngileru Marara and many others unless these communities are secured and resettled we can never succeed in stabilizing this county’s economy.
    I salute Mr president wish well in all your future endeavors.

  3. I think those that said u can’t see PMB head empty can now clearly see now that head remain the same as it was

  4. Kanu and his cohorts media crew must equally have their head examined. At every unguarded and hasty misinformed rumours they have been cornered twice.uhh ooobi( To mean shame on you in Yoruba translation

  5. thats life… Hmmm a whole president of federa republic of nigeria with full security…
    Here he is standing beside a common man in the holy ground.. Thats how it going to be in heaven.. Any position you are on earth.. Pls make good use of it

  6. good thing’s is coming out of Nigeria very soon , Nigeria would experience peace of the highest order, the nation Nigeria will boom again , an whatever the enemies pronounced dead shall come back to live in the mighty name of Jesus Amennnn

  7. May Almighty Allah subbuhanahu ta’alah give you long life entire our country in this beautiful month

  8. Saudi Arabia is complicit and collaborators of the scandal connived in London which produced the bandit parading himself as Buhari. By so doing, Saudi Arabia has ruined the values of Islam. Elected Buhari in 2015 is dead and buried in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is complicit and collaborators of fulani bandits from Guinea which murdered northern natives traditional rulers in 1804 and replaced them with fulani bandits from Guinea, hijacked Political Autonomy, Resource Control of this territory natives via the fraud nickname fulani caliphate with its emirates. The end has come with the Sword in this 2019. Fulani bandits from Guinea must vacate every inch of this natives territory of Disintegrated Republics in this 2019- dead or alive. It is Bloody Engagement of man to man, fight to finish in Sokoto against fulani bandits from Guinea. Only the Sword decides. God Is With Us!!!


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