Pretty Mike has made it to Wendy Williams show after he attended Williams Uchemba’s wedding with an entourage of heavily pregnant women.

Pretty mike made

Recall that the Lagos-based socialite pulled the stunt over the weekend with the women he referred to as his “6 baby mothers to be”.

This isn’t his first time creating a scene while attending an event. He was once called in for questioning after he attended an event accompanied by a number of women on dog leashes. Also, in 2019, he attended an event with four dwarfs carrying a calabash.

The American show host, Wendy Williams acknowledged that Pretty Mike has been consistent with pulling stunts. She also recalled how he organized a wedding party with 5 women on wedding gowns.

His previous stunts didn’t get the attention of the world, however his stunt with the pregnant women earned him a spot on the ‘hot topics’ session of the Wendy Williams talk show.

Watch the video below,



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