A South African professional mermaid faced a moment of panic while demonstrating her swimming skills inside an aquarium tank at a Randburg shopping mall.

The incident, which occurred on Saturday, November 25, captured the attention of concerned viewers.

In a video of the incident, the professional mermaid can be seen gracefully swimming upwards before her tail becomes entangled in the reef at the tank’s bottom.

Struggling to breathe, she swiftly removes the tail and makes her way to the surface to gasp for air.

The Aquarium tanks are designed to show natural habitats and contain various sea like objects such as reefs that add to the design of an ocean environment

The video has since gained traction online, sparking various reactions from netizens.

While some found the incident amusing, and some what funny, others recognized the seriousness of the situation and commended the mermaid for her quick thinking and composed response.

The professional mermaid’s ability to remain calm and take swift action demonstrates her professionalism and her determination to ensuring her safety.

As the video continues to circulate, it sparks conversations about the dedication and skill required to portray such characters, as well as the need for being alert and taking precautionary measures in such performances.


Watch the video below:

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