P Square has a format which works for them when they are about to release a new album.

It’s like Kanye West. Create a controversy and get people talking.

Consistently, through the years, the brothers have used this format which works for them very well. It doesn’t matter if the controversies created hurt their personal image. It’s all about the image and the money and that never fails to flow.

So, it’s that time of the year when a new single is in the offing and a new album from P Square. So, Peter goes on a rant on twitter; abuses Jude, fights with Paul and a conveniently arranged raid of their Omole Estate home by court bailiffs is added to the fray. All in one week.

I am sure the next thing we would hear will be that they have been reconciled by family and friends and a new single would be released in no time.

I suspect it’s all part of a well – crafted publicity hype. Of course those who wish to fall for it would.

One of such pranks was one carried out a few days ago crafted by Chioma Akpotha, Uche Jumbo, Blessing Egbe, Omoni Oboli and Ufoma Mcdermott in which Chioma purportedly tweeted a jealous tweet about the other four ladies in a picture pose. That attracted doctored responses from the other ladies which went viral. Where they spoilt it was a revelation a few days after that all of them are starring in a new movie to be released in a few weeks. The tweet fight was just a publicity hype.

There’s a limit to the people’s patience in matters such as this and it won’t be long before the musicians and producers find out.


Originally Posted On Facebook by Charles Novia, Filmmaker and social critic

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