The PSquare brothers have finally decided to sell all their joint properties they both own together, and perhaps split the money, so they can finally go there separate ways with no strings attached.

The Brothers have put their ‘Squareville’ mansion up for sale. A visit to the mansion by LIB, located on Lola Holloway street, Omole Estate this morning shows the ‘For Sale’ sign-post in front of the property and when they put a call through to the agent, they gathered that the twin building with a swimming pool, underground basement and other exotic features is up for sale at 320 Million Naira.

At the time when Psquare moved into the mansion in 2010, Peter Okoye was quoted saying, “getting a land in Omole Estate (Ikeja, Lagos) alone is N100m. When you look at the house, especially the finishing, it is over $2million. When people speculated that the house was worth N300 million, we had not even finished the interior. What do you think is the cost of a mansion that has a swimming pool, six living rooms, ten master bedrooms, all fully furnished? It’s far more than the speculated N300 million”.

The brothers have several other properties in Lekki Phase One, Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Atlanta Georgia and other locations.

This is coming after Peter accused their elder brother, Jude, of threatening to have him killed.

What I am about to do has been a very difficult decision to make. I have decided to use this medium to terminate the agreement between Psquare.

Me and my wife have been getting life-threatening messages and I fear for my life and the life of my family. Remember Jude has threatened to kill me and shoot my wife in the presence of Paul and Mrs. Imoke. Psquare is no more. I have nothing against my brothers. I saw Paul’s post on Instagram about blood being thicker than water. Who is water and who is blood?

Later, he went on SnapChat to announce that he has put all of their history behind him. “My name is Mr. P and as from today, guess what? It’s show time, I’m about to go on stage,” he had said. Now, they are selling their famous mansion, and this has saddened some fans.

See some of the reactions:

molaramakeover: “Na wa oooo same blood And they cant make peace wow.“

jiganbabaoja: “I pity these dudes they will regret all this action they are taken over annoyance !!! I will be here.”

eliosa123: “Psquare whats goin on biko nobodi in the family to settle them .Dangote pls help us again settle them. How can they start selling their joint properties it s well with the Okoye’s brothers ooo.”

The brothers had yet to react to this development as at press time.



  1. Wen the devil wants to use yur brain my brother no gree O…. the both of you made dis money together even without your wifes nd dat you guy are married “Me don’t understand again O”…
    Togetherness is always a step for greater achievements…
    We where expecting mor from you guys nd not dis food giving to you by devil..

  2. Tears drop from my eyes ,wat kind of evill dat is tormenting u guys up to dis level of u selling ur joined properties ??is too too poor y not u call for God intervention?? Pls let de god of prophet TB Joshua control urs anger .Amen

  3. Please you two should not try doing something u will regret.don’t let ur elder brother decieve u two. U two are twin nd can’t separate

  4. Yes Mr.P you may be Angry and your life and the life of your wife and kids is also threaten, but this is not a good reason for you to break up with your blood not an ordinary blood I mean your twin, all you have to do is to call attention of your umunna though umunna can be evil but I believe there will be some who fears God among them, because if you people cry out this enemity at the end you all both Jude will live to regret it, since the death of your mother you guy has been misbehaving but God will intervain, you should also know that is better for you people to advice yourself than to wait for people to advice and never you give a devil a chance to ruin you people, and to you Paul do not allow you brother Jude to decieve you, as for you Jude, do not watch your junior to be enemies all because of you, a stich in time saves nine, use your tounge and count your teeth thanks

  5. You guys need God more, nd ur wives also need God..believe me when you try God everything will be guys are my best in ur biggest fan ever..pls stay together nd make ur parents Smille wherever they are.biko..#DESSY’P

  6. You guys need God,but my Bible tells me that anger rest in the bosom of fools, take note, even if you will seperate ur business not with anger or quarrel.peaceful seperation and continue relating well.

  7. God will not fail to punish devil…who want to put u guys into confusion up the the extend of selling ur joint property, u guys should call on God to interven bcoz the devil is shopping on u guys now don’t allow the devil to succeed put him to shame.I pray that the Almighty God unit u guys in ijn Amen.I luv u guys pls don’t separate people will laugh at u guys

  8. It is highly unfortunate. U guys suffered alot b4 u became somebody, u all grew up together,still no problem,women (wife) now entered into your lives, d centre can not hold again. You all allowed your wives to destroy all the legacies you all suffered to built,but remember that women cherish only success,if anything like backwardness (God forbid) arises they will pack their load and get out. Be wise.

  9. You guys need Jesus in you life as your Lord and personal savior to sing and give him praises not the worldly song that gives Satan glory, joy, if your separation will bring you guys closeer to God may the will of God be done. Amen

  10. This is so so unbelievable………if i was told then that something like this will ever happen between psquare…….i would have never believed it…….devil is really at work…..and its left for u brothers to realize it cause it already getting too late…….wake up psquare………

  11. Brothers… Pls pls and pls..I beg u guys with the name of the lord.never allow ur elder brother to com btw u two.. Remember twins are not meant to be separated …remember what u guys normally sings.. Peter and Paul they be 1 none 2….pls pls u guys should withdraw frm that separating of a thing..fix it up..u guys are nw a man…wat ever it is fix it up….


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