Popular media personality and model, Denola Grey, has been lambasted on social media following his statement about openly gay American singer, Lil Nas X.

Nigerians drag Denola Grey

The singer released the visuals to his hit single “Montero” (Call Me By My Name) on Friday (March 26). The video has sparked major controversy on social media due to its provocative and ‘demonic’ content.

Nigerians drag Denola Grey

Reacting to the video, Denola Grey took to Twitter to declare support for the American singer and stated that Nigerians will be enraged by it’s queer content.

He tweeted;

“Lol Nigerians are going to lose their shit over Lil Nas X’s new video and honestly that’s their business. I Stan the young fellow. He’s doing something unheard of in the rap community. It’s going to mean so much to a lot of queer youth.”

His tweet has stirred reactions on social media and he has been dragged to filth for believing Nigerians pay attention to Lil Nas X. Some netizens also accused him of being gay and asked him to own up to his sexuality.

See some comments below,

@VivianVisage wrote, “Nigerians and the need to feel among Person facepalming‍♀ . As in how is an American artist our business??. Nigerians love inheriting other countries’ problems.”

@obynofranc wrote, “Lool. If they lose their shit over Lil Nas new video, it won’t affect him in anyway, Dens.
Now, a Nigerian queer man was at ABJ protesting and you didn’t tweet in support of him when it can go a long way.”

@JajaPhD wrote, “Do Nigerians watch his videos? I don’t even know whether old town road has a video. Whatever be the case, I can imagine that he’s not worried about Nigerians at all.”

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