Diane Russet tells

Reality TV star and actress, Diane Russet has encouraged parents to do a better job with raising their male children.

Diane, in a post shared on her Twitter page, told parents to raise their sons to be more vulnerable and expressive so they don’t grow up bottling their emotions.

Diane Russet tells

She further urged people to be more empathetic towards men, because they, alongside women, are going through a lot.

Diane tweeted on Wednesday, December 14,

”I hope the world is softer to men 😔.

I hope we do better raising our sons, so they don’t grow up burying emotions rather than expressing themselves 😔.

Let’s remember to be kind, we are all going through something tbh”

See below,

A while back, Diane Russet asked people to stop asking her about her love life.

Speaking on her relationship status, the reality star stated that she has not prioritized her dating right now because she is in love with what she does for a living. She also averred that when the time is right, she will get her own Prince Charming.

She told Sunday Scoop, “Can everybody just forget about my love life for now? My love life now is my career for now. I am in love with making Diane Russet great. At the right time, I would find the right person or the right person would find me. We will definitely meet ourselves when that time comes. For now, I am just being me and single. I don’t know if I am available but I think I am open to the possibility of what people call true love.”

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