Suzan Ade Coker is the founder of Rant HQ, a Facebook group that boasts of over 1 million members.

Suzan is currently under fire after she made a post in the group where she referred to Igbos as senseless, a statement that didn’t go down well with many of the members.

“Dear members of RantHQ who are Igbos but senseless, kindly exit the group and stop your noise making”, she started off her rant which was published on the 15th of May 2020.

“I am sick and tired of your endless shinning like a a child left in a messy diaper overnight! You are irrelevant in the scheme of things.”, she continued.

“This place is multicultural, multifaith platform. If you cannot stand the heat, kindly piss off. You cannot stop me talking about or reporting about any particular tribe. Go away and nurse your wonds. Allow the sensible Igbos remain in RantHQ in peace”

Read her full rant below;

Suzan who is reportedly also an ambassador to NCDC stands the risk of losing her ambassadorial appointment as pressure is being mounted on the NCDC to revoke her appointment.




  1. She has not in anyway said what she shouldn’t have say, she did not generalized, she only said “some sense less Igbo’s should leave her page”, that’s not too much, before anyone can judge or say trash, first of all look for the origin of the conversation, and what led to her reacting the way she did, Nigerians should learn how to respect people’s page, she owns the page, she can say what suits her, if you don’t like it, you exit, its as simple as that.

  2. I left rant when I saw that coker had inferiority issues. I saw it from the questions she asks when members wants to join the platform. It is therefore not coming as a surprise to me for the flop.

  3. As a leader, it is rather unfair to pick sides. She shouldn’t have gone as far as she did because she also have flaws. This tribal war didn’t start today, if she can’t bring peace why encourage war?


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