American rapper, Fetty Wap’s ex-wife, Leandra Gonzalez has given relationship advise to her fellow women on how they should pamper their men.

According to Leandra, women should worship their men and take care of them mentally, physically, and emotionally.

In her words ;

“I believe Every Worthy Man should experience being worshipped by his Lady.

Catered to, Loved unconditionally, Taken care of, mentally, physically, emotionally and all that.”

“Be his bather. Wash his balls for him, not because he can’t but why should he – A king is a king and should always be treated like one.”

She also clarified that these benefits should be given if and only if the men are worthy.

Yall gonna hate me for this one then

When yall go to Dinner, yall don’t lay out the cloth Napkin on yall man lap for him.

I can keep going… but realize i said A worthy Man.

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