In a new development on the story of a RCCG member who committed suicide because of his house rent, it’s being revealed that he just might have carried out the fatal act because of the aforementioned reason.

RCCG minister committed suicide

A Facebook user, one Bennie Umoren, has revealed that the man, Michael was first off, not even a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, as he left the church two years ago and second, that he killed himself because of a sexual relationship he had with another lady when he was betrothed to one.

She wrote,

Mike didn’t leave suicide note and he didn’t die because of financial or rent issue. No church abandoned him because of rent. If you know pastor Telena of Shepherd House, you will know he takes very good care of his members and pastors the way he takes care of himself.

Mike left RCCG 2years ago to Shepherd house church Apo, Abuja where he was a worship leader but was suspended 2months ago, his wedding cancelled because of sexual relationship with another girl who leaked his nudes hence he got frustrated because of the embarrassment.

His house in Sunnyvale Abuja was given to him by the church for free.

This narrative that redeem abandoned him is a lie. No body is defending church but you people should stop looking for any opportunity to attack the church and men of God. They are not the reason Nigeria is hard. You didn’t elect them. Channel all your frustrations to Buhari and Fasola that’s not giving us light for days and won’t even give anytime soon.

In another news, #NextLevel is not here yet, it’s coming in 2weeks…..prepare for it. Cheers

Namaste 🙏

We move

His wedding IV:



  1. never mind this blood news. all they know is to castigates churches and forget the root of their problems. at least the reason behind the guy death has been reviled now. maybe they will keep short. a news man that wrote a news without doing any investigation and not even know anything at it the incident . na wa for una o

  2. Thanks sis, for d information, it’s a great pity, God hv mercy. forget our pple dat looks for any opportunity to castigate d church. let them handover d nation’s leadership to church and Divine wonders. Church is not government.

  3. To be honest with you what ever reason that most have push him into this nonsense is not good enough,You talking about Buhari and Fashola the reason of people frustration is not true,remember that the wages of sin is death if what happened to him is as a result what you put down here then you don’t have to throw it back to the people as a result you want to defend the church, many of us are Christians we know what is happening in most of the churches today,am not saying is the fault of the church but churches have a roll to play in the Buhari government that you just mention to the people,thank you.

  4. shame on the reporter who reported that young man committed sucide because of house rent, using RcCG as headline to sale his publication. this is cut and nail reporting.

  5. The church is the grand and pillar of truth..all your castigations everytime about the church won’t change anything..infact is even making the church stronger by the day because the church is not politics nor a thing of social media..the church is spiritual..I advise some of you to stop talking about men of God and church on social media..thank you

  6. Thank you sis but your clarification also a rumour like the previous news until we hear from the family members except you’re sticking your neck out as a close relation. We can’t dismiss the previous news based on your on version. Even if your version is correct is has not changed the fact that some so called men of God are evil. Was it not a man of God that killed the husband of his follower because he wanted to have the woman to himself??? Nobody holy pass I beg


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