A female worker at a parish on the mainland, has taken to Twitter to share how she was disgraced and sent out of the Church over the dress she wore to church today.

Identified as Adeola, she says the reason she was sent away from the church was because the dress is short and figure Hugging.

Apparently, she says she worked till 11:00 pm yesterday, Saturday, got home and just slept off without preparing what she’d wear the next day, which is today Sunday.

I worked till 11pm yesterday, got home and just slept. Woke up 6:00am and there’s no light to iron and I have to be in church by 6:45 so I don’t get punished.”

“This experience just made me hate my body in general. I feel like my body has failed me. I am back home to change… Looking for one of my mums clothes.”




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