A Nigerian soldier who is stationed in the North East has although he loves his country he just is not ready to die for her.

Nigerian soldier stationed

In a post shared on his Facebook page, Wise Rich King says a prayer before going into the battlefield, he says God should save his soul.

He wrote,

I have made up my mind to die for what I believed and to live for what I love, and to fight for my right, don’t copy my style & don’t follow my way, since there is no way we can make peace with one another let us go into war after the battle I believed the truth will speak for itself and therefore peace and unity will reign, I love my Country Nigeria and even if I fight for this country with my last strength, I am not ready to die for this country Nigeria!!! Help me oh my God. I am On my way to fight for this country, oh God bless my way, save my soul, don’t let me die in the battle field, Amen!!

Nigerian soldier stationed



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