Nigerian man tells

A Nigerian man has queried women who still pay their bills by themselves despite being in a serious relationship with a man.

The man in a video making rounds online said it’s embarrassing for a woman to still be financially responsible for herself when she’s dating a man.

 Nigerian man tells

According to him, a real man would not allow his girlfriend spend her money on bills and would willingly settle all her expenses. He further asserted that a woman’s money is solely for her use, while a man’s money is for him and his partner.

He said,

“As a woman, how can you claim to be in a relationship with a man but you pay your own bills. A real man will always pay your bills for you. Your money is your money to keep. His money is for both of you.”

Watch the video below:

In other news, a Nigerian Man on Twitter with the handle @mrmekzy_ shared his experience in the cinema with a couple who almost forgot why they came to a cinema.
According to Mekzy, he went to see a movie and the couple who were seated in front of him were trying to touch themselves intimately as opposed to focusing non the movie and he chose to do the lord’s work by stopping them.

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