Big Brother Naija star and beauty entrepreneur, Ifu Ennada has said that living alone can be boring sometimes.

The reality star, who stated this in a post shared on her Insta-stories, reflecting on her experience living alone for 4 years, noted that it gets very boring sometimes that she talks to objects in the house.

According to Ifu Ennada she probably needs help, since loneliness makes her call her household items endearing names.

“Maybe I need help. I’ve lived alone for 4 years and sometimes I remember how lonely it gets…I’m out here talking to my microwave and cutlery. I’m out here calling them my love “my love” baby yo!” She wrote.

See her post below,

In other news, Former Big Brother Naija star, Ifu Ennada has taken to social media to lament over her inability to get a suitable man.

Due to her inability to secure a ‘good’ man, the TV star revealed she might be cursed.

Ifu Ennada, who is also a serial entrepreneur revealed that she is a giver and never ask men for money when in a relationship, and that she helps the man to build himself instead.

Ifu who revealed she has been meeting “useless” men, went further to reveal that she has once helped a man with N200k to clear his 150k debt.

The reality star also said although she loves love, that she has come to terms with the fact that not everyone is meant to have a happy love story.

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  1. My candid advice to u dear is see if working on urself also will do…Bcos honestly takes like minds to roll bcos if u call them useless then🤔

  2. Hmmmm, most times people don’t really feel loved because of the position there are, for about your money and bring yourself down knowing that we’re all human being. Respect and love everybody, trust your real man will come.

  3. If she can tolerate someone who has the good character, love but not reach when it comes to money but can rub mind to get a good result

  4. Well I am so sorry ifuennada if I may say this or if it going to be quite speach here oh should I say my Statement here is that you are not a course and you are not born by mistake, and to be honest and truthful.i have also have that same feeling of which I have been passing true getting a true love.(getting someone that will love me not for what I have but for who I am.i am Victor emeka and I am single and still looking for a true love not a girl that has money and after she will say that am after her money or am after her body (No).am only looking for a girl that is.( Worthy. never till the end). But in this world now our days, you will or can only see 3 to 6 true love. Pple who will love you forever and never cheat or break or let you go no matter what. You can not find your true love ifuennada,rather your true love will find you. It can only find you at the reng of wen you are passing through pain and agony. And as for me.😁.I see no love, all I see right now is music. Yes music and yes I am because ever since I dated 3 girls that doesn’t want my love that all the need is money, 😁wow. What a I decided to take it to the nest level of singing and preching to the world that love is strong if only you can sacrifice for your Hart case you need me to talk more you can call +2349037583037 or you can WhatsApp me thanks.🌹

  5. My beautiful princess from my own very state abia….it’s just a matter of time..what will come will surely come..I know it’s not easy but just gradually

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