If there’s one thing we’re certain of, it’s the fact that the news of the marriage of “teen” actress, Regina Daniels to a 59-year-old billionaire politician, is not soon to die down so long as the lovely continue to shove the controversy in our faces.

Regina Daniels flaunts baby bump

In a recent development of the actress’s marriage brouhaha – amidst the speculations that she’s expecting – the actress, who moments before taking a break from living her best life to having an outburst over her brother allegedly being assaulted by the Nigerian police, flashes a supposed baby bump while grooving on the dance floor.

Regina Daniels flaunts baby bump

We had first spotted her having a helluva time dancing too, with her spouse recently and then moments later, when we almost forgot her shenanigans – thanks to Aunty Tonto – we caught her dancing in a dress that has people seeing a supposed baby bump.

Regina Daniel flaunts baby bump

The rumours had flown aforetime that she’s expecting but they were held with little regard as there isn’t any proof yet that she actually is. This new video of her just might be the genesis of the truth of the speculations and at the same time, might only be paranoia that she actually is expecting.

Watch the video below, use your eagle eye and tell us what you think!



  1. U people are too jobless, having time to pinpoint all parts of her body just to concluded if she’s expecting or not,mtchewww

  2. Is this marriage recognized in the sight of God as the sixth wife common let’s all have a second taught do we ever think of where to spend eternity the bible says seek ye first the kingdom of God all other things shall be added unto you.


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