Regina Daniels father

Regina Daniels Father, Jude Ojeogwu has reacted to the wedding of his biological daughter, whose traditional wedding is said to hold today, in Delta state… and he has said he’s not aware of his daughter’s recent developments.

According to him, all that is going on now in his daughter’s life, is without his consent. He says her mother, Rita, is threading on a dangerous path and hopes she retraces her steps.

Taking to his Facebook page, moments ago, to share a throwback photo of the actress by his side, he says the whole initiation ceremony the actress indulged few days ago is strange and is not her culture.

Regina Daniels father

He wrote,

Regina daniel Ojeogwu is my biological daughter.What ever is ongoing is not to my knowledge and without my consent.The fact speaks for itself looking at the picture. Her mother Rita daniel is threading on a dangerous path and I hope she will retrace her steps. Even the initiation ceremony into otu odu appears completely strange to Regina daniel Ojeogwu. Regina is from ogwashi uku and not from olor as being rumored. All the opportunities for Mr Ned nwoko to discuss with me proved abortive not realising that we once lived in the same house in awoyokun street, onikpan, Lagos. The implication of all this is that she inpregnated herself. The name Regina was my late mother’s name. I have tried to exercise restraint but Regina mother kept pushing me to wall. Am alive and not dead. If in doubt of this post call Barrister Jude Ojeogwu on 08033039058

A quick check on his Facebook page shows throwback photos of his daughter which he shared years ago before she began these new changes in her life.

Check them out below,

Regina Daniels father

Regina Daniels father


  1. I pray she retrace her footstep bcoz she is just to young for that man bcoz she is just like a sister to me but if i
    may say maybe is her destiny too maybe they are meant to be

  2. The father should take heart and allow the dauter to go for the marriage. That’s not the end of life.

  3. BT since were, were are you or is now that you want to Clam her as ur daughter,y u men are like this u will inpergant a woman and u will refuse take ur responsiblity is when the child be coming something ,u from no were say is my child , if u are not Dead were were are you?

  4. Let the father take hrt cuz he wasn’t there to give her advice when he was needed. What has happened has happened!

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