Popular Nollywood star, Jim Iyke, recently hit back at an Instagram follower who tried to troll him over a photo he shared on his Instagram page.

The actor had posted new photos of himself wearing a green shirt, white top, and white sandals, with the caption “Vibes.”

However, in the comment section, the follower took a swipe at Jim Iyke’s feet, advising him to keep them hidden from public view. According to the IG user, the actor’s feet are not worth being showed off online.

“I beg do something with ur feet..they are not for show off for now…till u do something to them..aa,” the follower wrote.

As expected, Jim Iyke, known not to tolerate any form of disrespect, fired back at the troll. He told her to remove herself from the public space, as her face was not worth seeing.

“@lehlantse, please do something about your face. No eyes deserve the eyesore. I know your mirror warns you daily, but people like you are in constant denial. These contorted features will never be easy on the eyes. I cringe to begin to think what the body will look like. Make peace with the fact you need to remove yourself from public spaces,” he wrote.

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