Delectable Nollywood Actress, Nse Ikpe-Etim, 44, has revealed that she had to remove her womb to live a normal life.

The actress who stars in ‘Heaven’s Hell’ which was premiered in the cinemas on Friday, recently shared her story at an event tagged ‘Conversation with Nse.’

Nse also revealed that she was never going to be able to have a baby as she was diagnosed three years ago with Adenomyosis, a condition whereby the inner lining of the uterus breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus.

“I was told I couldn’t have kids,” she said to the now sombre audience.

“And so, I had to have a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) to make me have a life again and to stop going through what I was going through. And I’m literarily telling women and men, it really doesn’t matter if you can’t bear children. What really matters is what you would do for the world, for the universe. Tears dropped and then my husband squeezed my hand. It was reassuring there was someone there and it was telling me that this is reality, my reality.”



  1. It is good to be stong in faith and be courageous…. when God says yes who can say no… with God on your side ….. you will laugh Last….
    I like your courage ….

  2. NSE you are not the only woman suffering from this just keep calm make urself happy and healthy even if you ll need to remove it. However believe in miracle through your prayers that God can do anything. I like your courage and that of your husband. God be with you.

  3. My sister put your trust in God,he will answer your prayer and put a smile on your face like Hannah,and i use the grace given to me to say you will have your own baby and carry it ijn.I love you

  4. Nothing prayer can not do my sister,have had a testimony dat a woman without womb gave birth,just keep on praying,cos there is ntin God can not do,he is able

  5. if you believe the author and finisher of our faith he will not fail you because the doctors of the world concluded that it won’t happen but God will make it happen if u believe in lovely actress Nse.

  6. People who don’t have womb. Still gives birth,it is called the mystery of God. So dear Sis if you believe and have faith ur case is not an exemption. Stay strong ma’am

  7. Dearest Nse,trust me this isn’t the end of the world.. Sarah was 90years old when God visited her and gave her a miracle that marveled the whole world… Your own Testimony isn’t far sister so trust God and don’t give up on him…. You will carry your own babies for God said there shall be no barren in the land……

    I Love You Big Sis

  8. My Sister nothing is too hard for God to do, the only thing you need is to put ur trust in him, and he will revied him self for you, u can beer a child,as God did it for Sarah also shall he do ur own Amen

  9. Our creator has a spare for every part of our body, and he will replace your uterus with a brand new one, and u will be able to bear children and live to watch them grow in Jesus name amen. I love you sis.

  10. With God all things are possible. There have been testimonies of people who never had womb, and yet they became pregnant and had children. Just focus on God and He will surprise you. It takes a great faith.

  11. I’m 100% sure there’s nothing God can’t do,u have no womb that doesn’t mean God can’t do his wonders,just live ur life with happiness and full faith in God..Be happy ma’am.

  12. U have a wonderful husband and I have 3girls they want to kill me as if it’s in my power to make boy or girl.God will bless u Nse,tears in my eyes

  13. D Impossibility Specialist ‘God’ will surely visit yu. U cod bet on dat cos He loves u so much n has said Neva will any1 of u b called ‘barren’

  14. You are one of my best nollywood actress and I’m sincerely touched by your story. However I believe there is nothing too hard for God to do, pls put your trust in God almighty he will surely surprise you for good in Jesus name.

  15. Am a fan, I love you sis, but God loves you more, womb or no womb, God is still God, there is nothing impossible with Him, He will give you children not just a child,He doesn’t need you to have womb before He blesses you, That’s why we call Him, The Miracle Worker. God bless you and your husband.

  16. God will surprise you at the dire minute.. If he does the impossible, he will do it for you, trust him

  17. My sister was diagnosed of adenomyosis too but God gave her two sons, one 14years ago, the other 8years ago. She just took out her womb this year. Doctors say having those sons was God’s miracles. I know the pain you went through Nse but I know the God I serve. He can do anything with nothing. This is my prayer for you.

  18. That word is “endometriosis” mbok and not “Andenomysis” like some Yoruba name. Anyways, our God is a GREAT HEALER. He will perfect ALL that concerns you dear.

  19. Don’t worry it is God that give child ,it does not matters what they said about your conditions on the earth , what matter is what God said about you ,God said you NSE will carry your baby in Name of Jesus Amen,

  20. Believe in GOD who has every spare parts of our body……receive a new womb your the power in the name of JESUS. GOD who turn impossibility to possibility will surprise. Congratulations on the arrival of your double blessings.

  21. I hardly comment on this blog.
    But this caught my attention.
    Aunt Nse . I wish you joy in the rest of your life.
    It takes a strong heart to share what you shared here.
    God is alive and he will always be with you .
    I love you aunt Nse and your movie is one movie I will always jump to . Bless you Ma

  22. The Lord will perfect that which concerns your life in Jesus Christ name,Amen.Receive a new womb by the stripes of Jesus.

  23. Yes the medical name is endometriosis. I was diagnosed of it in my twenties. After which i was also told my fallobian tubes were not outlined, which means I had no tubes + hormonal imbalances. But knowing that the God I serve specialises in impossibilities, I looked up to HIM and HE blessed me with two wonderful boys. HE will do same for you. Look up to HIM. Shalom!

  24. My dear amazing actress Nse you are the apple of God’s eyes therefore whatever touches you touches your maker. He has made all this possible for us in his Kingdom but we must continually walk in constant faith to grant us access to those miraculous God has for us. I feel your pains and we are praying with you but your faith is the key to your breakthrough. Keep up the good fight of faith and remain strong. .

  25. Is well my dear,nothing takes God by surprise and I know his thought for you is not of evil but of good be happy your God is alive.

  26. My lovely sister it is well with you the Miracle working God will surprise you to the glory of his name amen.

  27. My friend’s mom gave birth to him and his junior sister without womb…there’s nothing our God can’t do…he has all the spare parts in his hands…he’ll give you double blessings for ur troubles ijn. Ve faith in him.

  28. The God we serve is d same yesterday, today and forever, He is unchangeable God that changes circumstances, yours can not be an exemption, just hang in there He is too faithful to fail, your miracle is on the way, you shall be joyful mother of children in Jesus name

  29. Sorry dear hardluck u r moving quite lovely with life keep it up have fun n u might abort children if u want to.takecare

  30. God will see you through my sissy, He always makes way were there is none so put your trust in him, he will surprise you

  31. He alone knows the way through the wilderness,all you have to do is to follow him wherever he leads you it is well with you dear,his the Lord and he changes not.

  32. You are a wonder in God’s hands Nse Ekpe Etim. You see, you have touched lives from your Diva acts and your excellent spirit. I am so certain that He who knows how to compensate you for all your apparent losses would surely do IJN!

    Meanwhile, for the ITKs readers, her published diagnosis:Adenomyosis is very correct and different from endometriosis…I don’t know why people want to learn medicine online and by force!!

  33. You are indeed a woman of strength. Your courage to speak up will encourage women going through such condition.God bless you real good

  34. My dear NSE we have a covenant keeping God who fetches water a basket, to disgrace the bucket.
    That’s how doctors reports will be disqualified to proof to them that the man that has all the spare parts will complete his job. Mark you there is no menopause in the bible and no wombless in bible. He said none shall be barren. God still answers prayers. Have a discussion with your father who is in heaven. God of double portion is your testimony. Congratulations to you for your new song. Amen.

  35. Well I really understand the pain you must be going through but i feel your decision to the removal of your womb is very and extremely wrong. I feel you should have gone to God in prayers probably with fasting. If God could give Sarah a child(ISAAC), and Elizabeth(JOHN), your case should not be an exception to God, Doctors only diagnose and administer drug but God heals that means Doctors do not have the final say in our health.
    My dear sister from another, Gods time is never late if only you TRUST, BELIEVE and OBEY, he is ever ready to change your situation even when the womb is not there. Lastly I need you to remember that “THE JOY OF EVERY WOMAN IS THE HAVE A CHILD OF HER OWN”. God bless you and your home.

  36. Believe in God there’s nothing difficult for him, he said we should hold him by his words that he is the same God yesterday today and forever. people have been testifying about his miracle for the fact he is alive your own Case will not be different.


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