Nigerian Author, Lawyer and TV host, Bemigho Reno Omokri has taken to his social media to drop some words of advise for his followers or whoever cared to pay attention.

According to Reno Omokri, God created women to be lovely.

He advised his twitter followers thus ;

Don’t let satan use the media to fool you. Being sexy is not a compliment. Being sexy has no bearing on beauty, brains or character. It just means that you look suitable for sexual intercourse. God did not create women to be sexy. God created women to be lovely #RenosNuggets


On another post, he wrote ;

A man who can’t control his appetite for food or women is a man who won’t fulfill his potential. Too much of anything ends in failure. Life is about moderation. All work without play makes Jack a dull boy. But all play without work makes Jack a useless boy #RenosNugget



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