Nigerian Author, Lawyer and TV host, Bemigho Reno Omokri has taken to his social media page, to drop some words of advise for his followers who are husbands.

He speaks peculiarly to those who are wife-beaters and says God won’t answer the prayers of the same hands they use in beating their wives.

He shared on his page,

The hand you use to beat your wife can’t be the hands you use to pray. God won’t answer such prayers. The only prayer that can ascend to God in that state is your prayer of repentance. God cares about how you treat your wife. He is her ultimate Father #RenosNugget

Few days ago, he spoke to his female followers where he told them that God didn’t create them to be ‘sexy’ but rather ‘lovely’.

Don’t let satan use the media to fool you. Being sexy is not a compliment. Being sexy has no bearing on beauty, brains or character. It just means that you look suitable for sexual intercourse. God did not create women to be sexy. God created women to be lovely #RenosNuggets

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